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How to Apply

This section includes more information on the application process, but before you dive in...

Top 10 questions to consider when applying to UWC

Are you ready:

  • to live in a dorm with people who have different daily habits?
  • to leave your family and friends for many months?
  • to be motivated to study autonomously?
  • to be intrigued by the totally different customs of other students?
  • to get up early after a very late night?
  • to organise your time yourself?
  • to represent your own culture and country at the college?
  • to push yourself to new limits?
  • to pursue sustainable development rather than just talk about it?
  • to keep up even when the going gets tough?

Top 10 things you could get out of 2 years at a UWC

  • Living and studying with students from more than 70 different countries.
  • Understanding other cultures by sharing your all with them.
  • A more personalised, pro-active and analytical academic curriculum.
  • Teamwork and contributing actively to local communities.
  • Assuming responsibility for problems which others choose to ignore.
  • Surpassing yourself with new activities and achievements you would not have dared to imagine.
  • Learning a wide range of languages.
  • Leadership, an independent mindset and a global citizenship perspective.
  • An incredible, worldwide network of lasting friendships.
  • A passion for planet earth and all its inhabitants, whether plant, animal or human.